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Offshore Injury Lawyers

If you are a worker on a seagoing vessel or an oil platform, then you know how dangerous your working environment can be. Accidents take place frequently, and workers are killed or injured all too often. As an offshore worker you have rights, but you need the help of a skilled offshore injury lawyer to help you protect them.

There are very specific laws that have been written for the protection of those who are injured while offshore. These laws were established in large part because the owners of seagoing vessels try so hard to keep people from getting what they deserve. The lawyers at Danziger & De Llano are here to fight for your rights.

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Offshore Accidents

The range of accidents that can take place on a ship is nearly limitless. Ships often carry enormous pieces of equipment that are not well secured and can easily fall; deck workers can slip and fall on slippery, wet decks, explosions can take place on oil platforms, and rough seas can cause those onboard to be washed over a railing.

Though the maritime laws and admiralty laws have been written with the specific intent of protecting workers and those onboard, securing their rights in case of injury or accidental death, the owners of the vessels are often more interested in their own profits than in protecting the rights of those who have been hurt.

Danziger & De Llano are Experienced Offshore Injury Lawyers

Ship owners are in the business of making money, and all too often their profit motive makes them put their financial interests ahead of the well being of their workers or those onboard their ships. Danziger & De Llano have seen far too many ship owners fight hard against doing what they are supposed to do.

When the owners of an offshore vessel try avoiding paying medical bills and expenses for an employee who’s been hurt on board their vessel, we can help. We’re offshore injury lawyers who have years of experience fighting for the rights of those who have been hurt or killed in these types of accidents, and we can help you too.

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Understand Your Rights

When offshore injuries occur, ship owners often act immediately to try to protect themselves rather than do the right thing for their employees. Rather than working to take care of the injured they bring in teams of lawyers and investigators to try to make it seem like your injury is your fault rather than due to their negligence.

The high pressure questions and unethical practices that ship’s management will use to avoid responsibility for your injuries are common, but if you’re not familiar with them then you can be taken advantage of. Calling the offshore injury lawyers at Danziger & De Llano will protect your rights and make sure your expenses are paid.

Why Offshore Injuries Happen

There are so many different types of offshore injuries that can take place, and there are an equal number of causes. In far too many cases, the injuries are caused by negligence of the ship owners or the people they have running their vessels for them.

Whether a deck is unsafe because it is slippery, a fire breaks out because of carelessness or a piece of safety equipment fails, do not let ship’s management make you feel responsible. It is the ship owner’s obligation to make sure that your work environment is as safe as possible, and if they fail to do it then they need to pay.

Ship Owner Responsibility

If you are hurt while working offshore, your boss may try to make you feel like your injury was your fault, but part of their job is to make sure that you are well trained and that accidents are avoided. Safety is their responsibility, and when they fail to make sure things are run correctly, they are liable for any damages that occur.

The offshore injury lawyers at Danziger & De Llano know all of the ins and outs of maritime law, the special laws that have been written for the protection of those hurt or killed at sea. We are here to help you and your family, but it is essential that you contact us as soon after your accident takes place as you possibly can.

Call us Today for Knowledgeable Legal Assistance

The offshore injury lawyers at Danziger & De Llano are here to fight for your rights. We make sure that the people responsible for your injury are made to pay for your expenses and that you and your family are well taken care of.  Don’t delay – time is of the essence. Call us and let us get started helping you right away.